Review: Top Shelf Boutique

Top Shelf Boutique is the second boutique I have chosen to review.  Top Shelf Boutique is a brand new boutique  in San Marcos, Texas. Top Shelf opened August 18th and is located at 331 West Hopkins St Suite 102. ✰Customer Service: I first reached out to Top Shelf over Instagram to see if they would be interested … Continue reading Review: Top Shelf Boutique

Review: VOGE Boutique

For my first post of my boutique review series, I will be starting with Voge Boutique! VOGE Boutique is a super trendy boutique located in both San Marcos & San Antonio, Texas. I will be reviewing the San Marcos boutique, which is located at 210 N Edward Gary Street, Suite 106. This is a very modern & fashionable  boutique that … Continue reading Review: VOGE Boutique

BooHoo SALE: clothing haul

I recently purchased quite a few pieces from, which is an Australian clothing website with super trendy clothing and accessories. I've ordered from this company a few times before, however this is the most i've bought at once for the BEST price so I had to share! I received all items for 50% off … Continue reading BooHoo SALE: clothing haul

Trend Tips: Checkered Print ft. Emily Soule

Todays blog is another post of a series called 'Trend Tips' where I collab with other bloggers, talk about current trends, and show how we style them! This post is a collab post with Emily Soule, one of the cutest bloggers EVER & today we're covering checkered print! Checkered print is one of my favorite … Continue reading Trend Tips: Checkered Print ft. Emily Soule

Trend Tips: Fashionable Socks ft. RoRo K Designs

Hey guys! So todays blog is the first post of a series called 'Trend Tips' where I collab with other bloggers, talk about current trends, and show how we style them! This one is a collaboration with RoRo K Designs about the trend: Fashionable Socks Ok, I know it sounds weird...socks. Whats so fashionable about socks? … Continue reading Trend Tips: Fashionable Socks ft. RoRo K Designs

DIY: Custom Denim Jackets

A popular street fashion trend is painted denim jackets. Many celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and even Kanye & A$AP have taken an interest in this rend! These denim jackets have caught my eye on multiple occasions whether I'm scrolling through Pinterest or a magazine. Unfortunately every time I click on the pictures … Continue reading DIY: Custom Denim Jackets

My Vacation Looks: New York City

I recently took a trip to New York City! Below you can see all of my outfits from each day along with each item linked so you can get the look! Look 1: After flying in and getting ready, this was my first afternoon in NYC. I'm wearing an oversized denim jacket (Code: JAYDESDREAMS15 for 15% … Continue reading My Vacation Looks: New York City

Clothing of the Rainbow

The month of June is pride month ,so I thought what better time to do a clothing of the rainbow post! I have done a little online shopping with my favorite clothing stores and have created monochromatic outfits for each color of the rainbow. These are all super cute pieces that are on trend at … Continue reading Clothing of the Rainbow


I have gone through the alphabet and picked trends, colors, and clothing pieces are that essential to my own personal style and given reasons why I like them or how I style them! ✰A: Athletic Wear Athletic wear is not only essential to my wardrobe when working out, but in every day life as well. … Continue reading MY FASHION ABC’S

Not So Plain White Tee

Expression of ones true self is crucial in order to live your best life. There are many ways to do so, but my favorite happens to be through... Often we get caught up in what we think others want to see. We let magazines tell us what clothes are right for our body types. We … Continue reading Not So Plain White Tee