The Year of the Leopard

Happy 2019! This is my first post of the year and i'm so excited to see what this year holds. Now that I am not having to post for my class, I can focus on the content that I am passionate about on here, as well as my Youtube Channel! You probably noticed while shopping … Continue reading The Year of the Leopard

Review: VOGE Boutique

For my first post of my boutique review series, I will be starting with Voge Boutique! VOGE Boutique is a super trendy boutique located in both San Marcos & San Antonio, Texas. I will be reviewing the San Marcos boutique, which is located at 210 N Edward Gary Street, Suite 106. This is a very modern & fashionable  boutique that … Continue reading Review: VOGE Boutique

30 Summer MUST HAVES for LESS than 30 dollars!

In today's blog i'm sharing 30 products from that are MUST HAVES for your summer! & good news, they're all less than $30! & If you want them for even cheaper you can use my discount code: JAYDESDREAMS15 for 15% off!! Start your day off with some retail therapy without breaking the bank!! ✰Beach towels: … Continue reading 30 Summer MUST HAVES for LESS than 30 dollars!