Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2020

In Fall 2020 we are seeing a combo of new trends, as well as carry over's from Summer. Everything from pleated skirts to faux fur cuffs are entering retailers everywhere this season! Below are the top fashion trends that are a must have. Along with inspo boards for each style, you will find affordable picks … Continue reading Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2020

Colors of Summer 2020

Brighten up 2020 with this color pallet filled with a mix of brights and pastels. These six colors have taken over Summer 2020 and can be found in all of your favorite retailers. You can go the monochrome rout and use different shades to complete your fit or mix and match colors for an eye catching look.

16 Black Owned Fashion and Beauty Businesses to Support Now

As a white person I have privilege. I have never feared for my life while wearing a hoodie, nor lost a love one to police brutality. I will NEVER even begin to know the struggle or pain the black community is feeling. It is not my place as a white person to speak on behalf of the black community, nor accept glory for advocating for black lives because that is something we ALL should be doing... With that being said, there are various ways you can support the black community and fight for equality. One of them being shop black owned businesses. Here are a list of some amazing black owned fashion and beauty companies, along with links to other resources to support BLM.

Top 20 Summer Must Have Trends For 2020

Summer 2020 is taking inspo from the 90's and early 2000's and i'm loving it. Below are 20 different fashion trends that are a must have. Along with inspo boards for each style, you will find affordable picks perfect for summertime linked. Cow Print: Cow print has taken over and you can find it on … Continue reading Top 20 Summer Must Have Trends For 2020

Styling Oversized Blazers

The power glam look is trending this season, making oversized blazers a wardrobe essential. They come in all different colors, patterns and fabrics. This outerwear can be found in pretty much every clothing store...or even your grandpa's closet which is where I found mine. One jacket can be made into a ton of different outfits. … Continue reading Styling Oversized Blazers

Ways to Style a Turtleneck

A turtleneck, the perfect staple piece for your closet. Turtlenecks made a huge comeback this fall 18'/winter 19' season. Though at times alone they can look quite chic, turtlenecks can become quite boring and repetitive. Here's a video that gives you various ways to style your turtleneck and rock the trend this season: Look … Continue reading Ways to Style a Turtleneck

The Year of the Leopard

Happy 2019! This is my first post of the year and i'm so excited to see what this year holds. Now that I am not having to post for my class, I can focus on the content that I am passionate about on here, as well as my Youtube Channel! You probably noticed while shopping … Continue reading The Year of the Leopard

How to Style a Teddy Coat

Today we're gonna be talking about teddy coats! Where to get em' & how to style em'. I put together 5 looks that can be easily recreated and all include my teddy coat, which was ONLY 30 DOLLARS OOoooOK. You can check my video below for more in site on styling teddy coats here: I … Continue reading How to Style a Teddy Coat