Spring Into Neon

The most popular and definitely the brightest spring 2019 trend is neon… neon everything. Thats right, neon is back from 2010 and making its mark on 2019.

Regardless if its Kim K in her neon dress and matching G-Wagon or Blake lively in her neon power suit, this trend is coming full force into Spring 2019.

11 Year old Jayden has been waiting to bring back her neon skinny jeans and converse back out.

This trend took over the runways during the 2018 fashion week shows and has not stopped since. You can find this trend in every store from Prada to Forever 21 and every magazine from Cosmo to Vogue.

I’ve loved incorporating this fun trend into my wardrobe and experimenting with all of the fun colors. Here are some ways I’ve styled neon:

Look 1:

This simple neon body suit is the perfect pop of neon that can be dressed up or down. Since it’s just a solid color, long sleeve you can pair it with whatever bottoms you’d like! I chose to go with a industrial buckle skirt and a checkered denim jacket to add to the fun of the neon.

Look 2:

This is one of my favorite looks ever. My favorite color is pink so I had a little too much fun with the neon pinks, lol. This chunky neon turtleneck, which also comes in other neons, pairs great with these pink vinyl pants making the perfect monochromatic look. Now if you aren’t as big of a pink girl as I am, you obviously style them individually and then have a cute neon look!

Look 3:

I styled this neon green sweater by tucking it into a crop and pairing it with leopard biker shorts. combining two popular trends, making this the perfect outfit for 2019!

Get the look:

Kendall’s look | Kim’s look | Hailey’s look

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Keep Rockin’,


Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

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