Boutique Review: River Rose

River Rose is the next boutique I chose to review. You can find this adorable place on the square at 105 E Hopkins St, San Marcos, TX.

Customer service:

Prior to doing a review, River Rose has been one of my favorite boutiques in the area of San Marcos. The workers are super nice and accommodating to the customer! I have also interacted with the boutique through social media, where they are helpful as well. It’s always a pleasant time when visiting River Rose!


River Rose is completely on top of all the latest trends. They have everything from sports wear, to day wear, to night wear, to even the perfect NYE outfit. They carry super cute pieces such as snake print pants, faux fur jackets and so much more. They also had ton’s of accessories to top of your trendy outfits with. You can keep up with the new trends through their Instagram or shop online.


When I asked the employee for a basic range of the clothing prices she said $35-65. Though this rang true for most items in the store, there were a few that were  a little pricier. With that being said, these items were like big jackets, jeans, ect. Things that would normally be a little pricier in general. It’s definitely worth saving your Christmas money for a splurge at River Rose.

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