How to Style a Teddy Coat

Today we’re gonna be talking about teddy coats!

Where to get em’ & how to style em’.

I put together 5 looks that can be easily recreated and all include my teddy coat, which was ONLY 30 DOLLARS OOoooOK. You can check my video below for more in site on styling teddy coats here:

I bought my teddy coat from Amazon. It comes in 13 different colors and like I mentioned before its only $30.

It’s pretty much a duplicate for I.AM.GIA’s pixie coat for only a fraction of the price. I do recommend sizing up though, I normally wear a small and would get a medium if I wanted an over-sized look, but I got a large and it fits perfectly over-sized.

Outfit 1:

I started out with a super comfy look. Both the shirt and pants are from Brandy Melville. There are a ton more graphic tees and sweat colors you can mix and match to make this look your own.

Get the look:

Outfit 2:

This is a more fun look that you can use for a shopping day or even a night out. I got my over-sized graphic tee from the men’s section in Target (highly recommend) and paired it with a fn leopard print skirt.

Outfit 3:

This is a pretty basic outfit, but the red teddy really adds a pop of color! I just grabbed a few staples in my closet: a white tee & black skinny jeans, paired them with some white combat boots and threw on my coat. A simple, yet super cute look for every day wear.

Outfit 4:

This jacket also pairs really well with dresses! I chose a wrap dress, but any type such as a slip dress would be super cute as well!

Outfit 5:

A great way to break out your summer tops all year round. Pair a crop top with some fun jeans and a pair of sneakers for a comfy & cute look!

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Keep Rockin’,


Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

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