Review: Francesca’s Boutique

Francesca’s is the fifth boutique I chose to review. You can find this cute boutique in the premium outlets at  3939 I-35, San Marcos, TX. 



 ✰Customer Service: 

I went into Francesca’s on a Saturday afternoon, so it was pretty packed. This didn’t stop the manager from going out of his way and taking the time to talk to me. Francesca’s is a pretty popular boutique located all over the country, with stores in almost all 50 states. The boutique located in San Marcos is one of my favorite location’s to visit because  they are always so helpful! They also try their best to deliver great customer service when customers are shopping online as well.




Francesca’s has a very wide range of clothing. You can find everything from formal dresses to a casual tee. They also carry shoes, a ton of jewelry, and numerous knick knacks. Their inventory changes out by season so they can make sure they are always on trend. They have a ton of sequins and boots out right now, a perfect place to find a holiday fit.




Clothing at Francesca’s ranges from $28-54. They also have multiple jewelry displays ranging from $12-32. The base prices for shoes is $34, but you may find more pricer pairs around this season because mosts are boots. The most expensive pair they carried in store was $68. Francesca’s also carries a ton of miscellaneous products that range from $8-78.



Find the Francesca’s near you or shop online!

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