Review: Wander Boutique

Wander Boutique is the fifth boutique I chose to review. Wander is a fairly new boutique to the San Marcos area. You can find it at 217 Moore st, San Marcos Texas.


 ✰Customer Service: 

When I reached out and first went into Wander, I was greeted by the owner! She was so sweet and helpful. I was offered coffee, sparkling water, and any assistance I needed! Throughout my time in the store, I felt that she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. Wander is a super cute boutique with excellent customer service!



Wander is somewhat of a maze, there a numerous rooms with a ton of different trends. While looking through, I noticed some chic dressier pieces, some western inspired pieces, some basics and a ton of cute accessories as well! The front room specifically caught my eye. I saw a ton of cute pieces that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season! I’ll definitely  be returning before the holidays to snag a cute fit! You can shop online for the latest trends as well!



Wander tries to keep a wide range of prices that is doable for everyone. Clothing is typically under $50, with a few exceptions of specific brands that are a little pricier. Accessories are all under $40 and shoes are normally $45. There is a $5 rack with various pieces and you can also get a 15% off discount if you post in you out fit you bought! Wander is also starting up an ambassador program! You can contact them for more information.


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