Review: Top Shelf Boutique

Top Shelf Boutique is the second boutique I have chosen to review.  Top Shelf Boutique is a brand new boutique  in San Marcos, Texas. Top Shelf opened August 18th and is located at 331 West Hopkins St Suite 102.

1538698849080✰Customer Service:

I first reached out to Top Shelf over Instagram to see if they would be interested in participating in this series and their reply was prompt and enthusiastic! When I came into the store for the first time, I was greeted by the owner who gave me a tour of their newly open store. Many times in boutiques you can either get overbearing customer service or the bare minimum. I found Top Shelf met in the middle. I was offered help and let browse at my leisure without being hounded, allowing me to have a chill and pleasent experience.



Top Shelf is unlike any boutique I have ever seen in San Marcos. This boutique has styles that are far beyond Texas’ every day wear to styles that are perfect tailgate fits. With trends such as cargo pants, camo, plaid and strapy staples, this store is a perfect stop for your street style needs. Don’t let that steer you away though, simple items such as denim skirts and assorted body suits are also available. Top Shelf also sells wall art in their store that is custom-made. You can catch all of this on their Instagram!



Clothing items range from $25-45, which is music to my ears as a college kid. Accessories are around $10, Shoes are $20-40 and bags are usually $40+. Overall the prices are pretty low considering the quality and uniqueness of their products. Compared to a normal department store, you would score way more bang for your buck shopping at a place like Top Shelf. This is defintley a boutique worth checking out!


Happy Shopping!!!


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