Review: VOGE Boutique

For my first post of my boutique review series, I will be starting with Voge Boutique! VOGE Boutique is a super trendy boutique located in both San Marcos & San Antonio, Texas. I will be reviewing the San Marcos boutique, which is located at 210 N Edward Gary Street, Suite 106.

This is a very modern & fashionable  boutique that holds pretty much any accessory or article of clothing you need!

Customer Service

When you walk into Voge you are greeted by spunky, youthful girls who are eager to help! My first experience with Voge boutique was this past August during my sororities Executive board photoshoot. We used their products for the shoot and the customer service offered was through the roof! Literally anything that we needed, they did. Since then, I have visited multiple times and am always excited walking in and pleased walking out.



Voge is constantly getting in new boxes to keep up with the trends. I talked about current trends in my last post: leopard print, snake skin, plaid, flare jeans, ect. and Voge literally has them all! Out of all my 20 years of being a shopaholic, I’ve seen many boutiques, but this one is definitely one of the trendiest I’ve seen so far. It is a top shopping spot for the majority of my friends. You can find all of their new items on their Instagram, but when you walk in you’ll find even more.



Though there are definitely some exceptions, the majority of clothing items at Voge normally range from $30-50 and accessories range from $20-30.  Voge also has two sale racks. They try their best to be involved with the community, often offering promotional sales! You can keep up with Voge’s sales on their instagram where you can also catch their new items & shop online. Though their items can be pricy, you’ll often find super unique pieces that are worth the splurge!1536853792115

I recently became an ambassador for this boutique which has made me fall even more in love with it! I definitely recommend VOGE to anyone in or around the area!

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