Boutique Review Series

As many of you know, my name is Jayden Dupuis! I am a public relations student at Texas State University with big dreams. This semester I am taking a class that requires a blog and luckily I already have one! For this class I wanted to choose a topic that I was passionate about, so naturally I knew it had to do with fashion.


As a fashion loving college gal, I am always looking for new places to get clothing and accessories! Because of that, I have decided to review local boutiques in the San Marcos/San Antonio/ Austin area. Along this journey I am hoping to discover some hidden gem’s and help other locals find fab places to shop too! Not to worry if you are not from the area, many of these boutiques have a website where you can purchase items as well!



I will be reviewing the boutiques I visit in three categories. The first category I will be reviewing is customer service. I find that this is crucial, especially when it comes to small businesses, like boutiques. As someone who has worked at multiple boutiques, it was always stressed to make every customer feel welcome and leave happy. When going into these boutiques I will take into consideration how I am treated when I walk in, if I was offered any help, and how I felt leaving.


The second category I will be reviewing is the trends they are following up on. As seasons change and years go by, so do the trends. Usually clothing stores try to follow this and keep up to date with whats hot at the moment. Right now it’s leopard print, snake skin, plaid, flare jeans, chunky sneakers, stars, and so much more. I realize that not everyone is in to that, so I will be giving my personal opinion of how up-to-date the store is, but also inform you of the trends that they have in case today’s trends are not your thing.


The third and final category I will be reviewing is pricing and sales. I’m a college student too, I get it. Not everyone can just be throwing change around on a new pair of shoes every week. (wouldn’t that be nice though??) I will figure out the range of normal priced items in the store, as well as if they have a sale rack and how often they do promotional  sales. My hopes are to give you a good gage of what is worth the splurge and what you should save your dollars on.


I will be starting with Voge Boutique in San Marcos, Texas.

Stay tuned for the next posts to come to figure out the perfect boutique for you!

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Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

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