DIY: Custom Denim Jackets

A popular street fashion trend is painted denim jackets. Many celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and even Kanye & A$AP have taken an interest in this rend!


These denim jackets have caught my eye on multiple occasions whether I’m scrolling through Pinterest or a magazine. Unfortunately every time I click on the pictures it takes me to companies that sell these garments for at least $175, but the majority run around the price of $250-$300+ which is CRAZY.


I decided to try and DIY this trend and this is how it went:


I started by searching for a low price jacket. I found these 2 on sale at Charlotte Russe, but you can also check your local thrift stores and department store sale racks!

Then I went to Walmart and picked up a few paint pens, paint, brushes, and pretty much anything you want to add to your project!

Then I just put a sheet of cardboard behind the part the part I was painting on & went to town!

✰Jacket #1:


I actually made this one for my best friend! I started out by sketching my plan on a sheet of paper & for this one I wanted to do the lyrics, “Be combative or be sweet cherry pie” from her favorite 5SOS song!




✰Jacket 2:


This jacket I’m going to keep as my own! It says “You are limitless” as a reminder to keep pursuing my dreams. I decided to keep this one simple because I wanted the main focus to be the quote, but still threw in a few stars to make it more my aesthetic!IMG_7615IMG_770824-06-2018-18-32-49IMG_7725

There are so many ways to make your jacket painting your own. I suggest finding a quote or lyric that means a lot to you! You can find countless fonts on Pinterest to mimic on your jacket that help make it look more artsy and professional rather than just regular handwriting.



Other great ways to customize your jacket:

 red_rose_patch_listing_photo_trans_2048x@2x.pngPatches-I actually just started a jacket where I put a patch from every where I travel on it! You can get patches on line, your local craft store, or even walmart!

5-2-scissor-png-clipart.pngCutting- Cropped denim jackets are also super trendy right now so if you don’t feel artsy enough to paint just give your jacket a few snips!

✰✰✰If you are interested in a jacket like this but don’t want to make it yourself contact me and I will make then for a fraction of the designer retail prices✰✰✰


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Keep Rockin’,



Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”


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