My Vacation Looks: New York City

I recently took a trip to New York City! Below you can see all of my outfits from each day along with each item linked so you can get the look!


Look 1:


After flying in and getting ready, this was my first afternoon in NYC.

I’m wearing an oversized denim jacket (Code: JAYDESDREAMS15 for 15% off), a cut white crop, black side stripe pants, a star choker, cat eye reflective shades, and platform checked vans.

I bought this denim jacket from Saks a while back so I was un-able to find the exact one, but I attached a similar one. This Jacket can also easily be DIY’d!

Look 2:


This day we went to china town so I knew I wanted to wear something red to match all of the red around this part of the city. This is one of my favorite looks!

I’m wearing a sheer black shirt paired with a black bralette, a red faux leather skirt, the same star choker from before, black boxy shades, and again, my vans.

Look 3:


Later that day we went out for dinner and dessert.

Im wearing a red raunched tube top, a gingham skirt, and black platform sandals.

Look 4:

In this outfit I explored Washington Square Park & ate some bomb cookie dough!

I’m wearing my Femfetti graphic tee (Code: JAYDESDREAMS15 for 15% off), black and white striped pants, white heart shaped sunnies, and my fave shoes ever, metallic booties.

Look 5:

This outfit is pretty much the same as the last with just a few changes. Later that day we did some shopping and exploring in Little Italy.

I’m wearing the same pants and booties with a pastel pink tube top, rose gold round sunnies, and a layered black necklace.

Look 5.5:

This was literally the exact same outfit at look 5, I just threw on a jacket incase it was cold in the theater.

My jacket: black patched denim jacket (Code: JAYDESDREAMS15 for 15% off)

Look 6:

In this outfit I went to the cutest cafe ever! Everything was pink so it was basically Heaven!

I’m wearing a gingham crop top, a pink denim skirt, rose gold round sunnies, pom pom earrings and black platform sandals. 

Look 7:


This day was spent shopping on 5th and Madison Avenue and ended with the show wicked!

I’m wearing a red race striped body suit  (the suit is now only available in black with red stripes, but there is a tube top that is like this bodysuit), race striped jeans, red sassy shades, a bandana, and black platform sandals.

Look 8:


On this day we went to a taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan with guest stars John Travolta and Howie Mendel! Then we went to The Met and got some sweet treats!

I’m wearing a pin striped button up that I wore off the shoulders, a black denim skirt, white sneakers, and a pink bandana.

Look 9:


This was my last day in NYC. YOUNGBLOOD came out this day so you know I had to take a pic by the billboard. Also, missed 5sos by 10 minutes in time square. Don’t wanna talk about it, I’m really upset.

Anyways, then we went to the Empire State Building and finished our day with some late night exploring and froyo!

I’m wearing a black tube top, blue and white button up pants, black boxy shades, and my vans.

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Keep Rockin’,


Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

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