I have gone through the alphabet and picked trends, colors, and clothing pieces are that essential to my own personal style and given reasons why I like them or how I style them!

✰A: Athletic Wear

Athletic wear is not only essential to my wardrobe when working out, but in every day life as well. Places like Lulu Lemon, The Gap, Old Navy, Forever 21 and so many more have clothes that can double as a gym fit and a cute casual look for lunch and some errands.


My biggest go-to in athletic wear is leggings because they come is so many different cuts, colors, and patterns making them the perfect piece to pair with a tank, denim jacket, sneakers and call it a day.

✰B: Bandanas

I  use bandanas to add a bit of fun to an outfit buy tying it around my neck, belt loop, or hair!


✰C: cut shirts

Some shirts I buy cut, but most I DIY! You can cut literally any type of shirt including the three in the picture below: thermal, t-shirt, and fitted tee. In my opinion it makes shirts look trendier and unique.

✰D: Denim

Denim is one of my absolute favorite fabrics/trends! I have everything from denim shirts to denim shoes. Check out my Easy, Breezy, SPRINGY blog for more ways to style denim!

✰E: embellishments

Embellishments such as patches or pins are one of my favorite ways to add edge to a clothing piece such as denim jackets! You can get this one on sale at with an additional 15% off with code: JAYDESDREAMS15

✰F: Faux Fur

What better way to add sass to an outfit than a faux fur jacket?? One of my favorite cold weather trends!

✰G: Graphic tee’s

From the look of the picture you can tell I love graphic tees! I pair them with everything from denim skirts, to joggers, to legging, to printed pants!


You can get more graphic tees from and get 15% off them or any other thing on the website with code: JAYDESDREAMS15!


✰H: Hoops

Big hoops, little hoops, gold hoops, silver hoops, I love love love hoops! They sass up an outfit immediately.



I was a pretty hard letter to come up with so I’m just gonna take an L on this letter


✰J: Joggers

 My go-to type of sweat pants! I love pairing them with a graphic tee and sneakers!


✰K: knots

Adding a knot to your shirt can transform a boring tee into a trendy top. It’s perfect for summer because it’s a way to show a tasteful amount of your sun kissed skin!


✰L: Leather

Fake leather of course. After taking the quiz in my Whats your Fashion Aesthetic blog I got the result of rocker glam which was completely accurate. I recently ordered a red leather skirt and can’t wait to wear it as a statement piece. It will be featured in two up coming blogs so stay tuned!!


✰M: mom jeans/shorts

Mom jeans and shorts are my favorite for summer because they’re high waisted so the pair well crop tops!


✰N: Nurse shoes

No, not literal nurse shoes…These are my white sneakers. Some of my friends joke that they look like nurse shoes, but I find them to be a perfect kick to go with just about anything. Who knows, maybe ill even save a life or two while wearing them!


✰O: oversized

Oversized pieces are not only comfy but fashionable as well! They’re good for layering or adding a vintage vibe.

✰P: Pink

Pink is my favorite color pink so obviously I have an abundance in my closet! Pink is the best pop of color

✰Q: Queen RiRi👏🏻

Queen RiRi is known for SLAYING fashion 24/7 which is why I often look to her for fashion inspo. #okurrrrr


excuse the wrinkles lol

✰R: Race Stripe

I talked about this summer trend in Summer Time fine. It’s super popular at the moment and I am loving it!


✰S: Sneakers/ Sunglasses

This one was hard so I had to pick two!

I am constantly in sneakers and love wearing them with literally any outfit!


BUT I also have been super into fun sun glasses



✰T: Tube Top

As seen in Summer Time Fine, tube tops are a hot summer trend that I am definitely buying into!


✰U: undergarments

What I mean by undergarment are specifically bralettes. They’re an easy way to make a simple shirt cute and way more comfy than a regular bra!


✰V: Vans

Vans are some of my favorite types of sneakers. I can confidently say I wear  my checkered vans at least 4 out of 7 days a week.


✰W: White tank

 It’s an essential staple to anyone’s wardrobe. See more on Not So Plain White Tee!!


✰X: X-ray fabric

X-ray fabric is essentially just sheer fabric which is great to pair with a cute bralette. This is normally one of my going out looks, paired with a cute skirt and booties.

✰Y: Yankee hat

Though I am not a NY Yankee fan, I do own a hat. I have it for more for the aesthetics, sue me.


A baseball cap is good for a bad hair day or if i’m just feeling lazy. Keeps the sun out of my eyes and my hair out of my face with no effort at all while helping me lookin’ super cute!

✰Z: Zipper detailing

These circle zippers have been popping up a lot in stores lately, specifically on pants and skirts and I think they’re adorable! I love the exposed zipper add character the the pieces.

& that wraps up the alphabet! Many of these pieces will be styled in a few up coming blog that show case my outfits I wear In NYC so make sure to submit your E-mail so you can be notified when I post, follow my insta for additional pics, and feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think

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Keep Rockin’,


1. Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

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