Femfetti is an online boutique that has countless on trend items including: sweat shirts, pool floats, sun glasses, purses, and my favorite, graphic tees.


Graphic tees are right on trend for this summer season and are a simple way to add flair and expression to your style. Femfetti’s tees range from inspirational girl power, to pop culture, to witty sayings all adding a bit of fun to a simple outfit!

I have recently became an ambassador for this company which means a discount code for you! 



I was also sent this “1-800-BLOCK HIS NUMBER” tee that I LOVE! I cut a few inches off the bottom to give the trim a rolled look. It’s a super cute piece that can be dressed up or dressed down, and with the shirt’s bring colors, it’s PERFECT for summer!

The quiz from last weeks post was a crowd pleaser so I have made another one for this weeks post! Go through and pick a picture from each category and it will tell you which Femfetti graphic tee is perfect for you!

click here to take the quiz

and use discount code: JAYDESDREAMS15 for 15% off at checkout!!


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Keep Rockin’,


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