Designer Dupes: Swim Wear

With summer vastly approaching, you only have a few more weeks to get your swimmies in time for the sunny season!

I have noticed while scrolling on Pinterest or insta many super cute swim suits popping up and I’m like okurrrr cute, but when I click on them they can range anywhere from $50-$300 and then I’m like…

holy shit.gif

So if you’re ballin’ on a budget, but also trying to be stylin’ on the beaches like me, keep reading to find out where you can get this season’s must-have styles for less!

  • This suit Vitamin A bikini from Bloomingdales totals to a whopping $256 which is WILD for such a simple style, but luckily you can find one thats almost identical on for only $12!!! 

    get this look: Double scoop neck bikini set


  • One pieces are super in and so are stripes, making this Anne-Marie swimmie the PERFECT suit for this summer…except for the fact that its $170. I have found one with the same style and brighter colors for a mind blowing price of $9! 

    get this look: Striped backless one-piece


  • This kini dupe is one of my favorites because I actually have it! Tory Burch is one of my favorite purse/shoe brands but she’s got me messed up if she thinks I’m about to drop $235 dollars on a swim suit. So I did some digging and found a dupe that is only $13 and looks just the same! 

    get the look: Ruched bandeau bikini 


  • Bringing it back to the one pieces, this one is adorable but the price… not so much. This Norma Kamali suit is $150, which is not in my budget. American Eagle has one styled identically in two colors available now for only $22.47! 

    get the look:  Aerie super scoop


  • Free People has some of the cutest wardrobe pieces EVER but the prices can have me quite shook at times. This bikini is unique with super cute button detailing, but totals to $170 so why spend that when you can get the SAME one for $11! 

    Get the look: button front bikini set


  • If you liked the last one but bikinis just aren’t you thing, Free People also made this into a one piece…unfortunately also totaling to $170. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with this similar piece thats only $11! 

    get this look: high leg swimsuit

  • Yellow is a super fun summer color so why not rock it on the beach?? Because you paid $98 dollars for a swimmie and can’t afford to get a speck on sand on it. No body has time to worry about that, so get one for $14 and soak up the sun girl! 

    get this look: Cut out knot swimsuit




  • This shirred style has been seen everywhere, including on Haute Swimwear for $60 bucks, but ALSO including Romwe for $11.99! It also comes in different colors, I have one in yellow 🙂 

    get this look: Shirred bikini set


  • This is another popular style that has been popping up a lot on my feed recently. It’s listed on Haute for $60 and on Largo Drive for $170 but, once again rome saves us with a dupe that only costs $12! 

    get the look: Detachable straps bikini


  • ANOTHER super popular style: the front knot top. On Largo Drive this kini is sold for $170 and is only sold in black and white but on Romwe you can find a dupe for $11 in 5 color options! 

    get the look: Knot bikini set


  • As you may have read in one of my past blogs: Easy, Breezy, Springy , gingham is a very hot pattern right now, even on swimwear! This light blue gingham bikini is sold on Largo Drive for $167, but like the last one can be found in a variety of color choices for only $13! 

    get this look: knot front gingham bikini


  • The last designer dupe I have for you is a funky one piece! It’s sold on Largo Drive for $168 and an identical dupe can be found for only $12!!! 

    get the look: cut out swimsuit

So what are you waiting for? Stock up on this summer’s hottest styles without putting too much of a dent in your bank account!

Wishing you and your girl gang a happy summer!!beach

Disclaimer: Most of the websites I have used for dupes are based in China. While I have ordered from all and have been pleased with my products, I encourage you to look at the reviews for the specific product you are buying as well as look at the sizing charts!

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