Betty and Veronica

Hey everyone!

Thanks for reading my FIRST blog!! I am so happy to announce that I am now an official brand ambassador for!!

Do we have any Riverdale fans?? Me too gurl, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

I have been a Betty and Veronica fan since I was a little girl, I got it from my dad. When he was younger he used to read The Archie Comics and thank God my grandma saved them all.  All of the comics were passed down to me, in fact they’re sitting on my book shelf right now! So naturally when I heard about Riverdale and that it was based on the Archie comics I was so excited and immediately binge watched it on Netflix. Riverdale only furthered my obsession which is why I am so happy to represent this company! is a site where you can purchase Betty and Veronica merchandise & this is not your normal merchandise. This company has everything from keychains, to hats, to sunglasses, to graphic tees, to pajamas and so much more that all have the unique “Archie comic” flair. All of the products are BEYOND cute!Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 6.38.29 PM

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I currently own the jacket pictured up top in size medium (so it would be oversized), a Veronica graphic tee in size large (runs small, I normally wear a small), and silk pajamas in size small (true to size)! All of the items that I own are phenomenal and only  allow me to mark off a very small portion of Betty and Veronica merch I want to buy!

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 6.45.59 PM

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So here’s the BEST part… I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE!

Enter code: JAYDESDREAMS15 at checkout for 15% off of you perchase

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